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Expanding Horizons, Enhancing Perceptions

Children capture and process information with their intelligences and create connections between themselves and the world. At SuperGenius, we provide the environment and create experiences that enable the SuperGenius to construct a holistic understanding of themselves and the world around them.


Inspiring the SuperGenius

Children are born with unlimited potential and gifts. Every child is unique and there are multiple ways that the SuperGenius can make sense of the world and realise their potential to be responsible global citizens.


About SuperGenius

A Preschool inspired by SG

SuperGenius is inspired by Singapore (SG). Founded on the belief that creativity and innovation are essential ingredients for success and making a positive impact on society, SuperGenius Preschool aims to inspire the SuperGenius in children aged 2 months to 6 years old by expanding their horizons and enhancing their perceptions.

In 2012, Stalford Learning Centre had launched a holiday enrichment programme for preschoolers titled “The SuperGenius” that encompasses phonics, mathematics, and science experimentation. The success of the holiday enrichment programme kick-started a conversation amongst the Maestros, and intrigued us to further explore the definition of a “SuperGenius”, and create a preschool that we would want to send our children to learn how to be a SuperGenius.

Ruby, founder of SuperGenius Preschool and co-founder of Stalford Education Group, aspires to develop a preschool education curriculum that would distinctly position Singapore as a leader in preschool education on the world stage.

Evolving from an academically-driven holiday enrichment programme, the Maestros harnessed the best of early childhood education approaches and methodologies from around the world, and developed a SuperGenius Programme for preschoolers that would nurture learning attributes and build character attributes; attributes that define the SuperGenius. The four learning attributes of Agile, Joyful, Inquisitive, and Reflective, and the four character attributes of Honest, Resilient, Caring, and Grateful forms the SuperGenius Profile. A SuperGenius is thus defined by these eight profile attributes.

The Maestros firmly believe that Every Child is a SuperGenius, and a trans-domain Reggio-inspired programme that is contextualised for Singapore is the most suitable approach to Inspire the SuperGenius. The SuperGenius Programme comprises six trans-domain Programme Areas that includes SuperGenius Moves, Languages & Theatre, ArtScience, Well-being, Environmental Sustainability and Emergent Experiences. The programme aims to nurture the SuperGenius attributes and inspire children to realise their potential and be responsible global citizens.

SuperGenius Preschool is an amalgamation of the Maestros’ vision and extensive research on the inquiry-based approach and facilitation methods adapted to suit Singapore’s context. We seek to provide the right Learning Environment and education resources to develop every child to be the best version of themselves. Together with parents and other stakeholders, we look forward to create meaningful and enriching learning experiences for our SuperGenius, Expanding their Horizons and Enhancing their Perceptions, and prepare the SuperGenius for life beyond the foundation years.


SuperGenius Logo

The SuperGenius logo draws inspiration from Singapore flag and uses Pantone Red 032 for the font colour. The arches symbolise the Reggio-inspired approach that SuperGenius Preschool adopts, as Reggio Emilia is a city in Italy and arches are often found in Italian and Roman architecture.

The arches symbolise passage and transformation. Yellow colour represents the Earth and green colour represents the Environment.

The SuperGenius Preschool’s environment is the Third Teacher; the SuperGenius’ experiences are intimately connected to Earth and its Environment. The SuperGenius enters the Preschool through the yellow arch, experiences the SuperGenius Programme, develops the eight SuperGenius attributes, and steps up to meet life’s challenges through the green arch.


SuperGenius Mascot

The red mascot figure depicts the joyful bounce in every step that the SuperGenius takes through the Learning Stages.

The green strokes represent the six SuperGenius Programme Areas: Languages & Theatre, SuperGenius Moves, ArtScience, Well-being, Environmental Sustainability and Emergent Experiences. The Programme is specially tailored for the SuperGenius who learns joyfully and experiences the sparkles of ‘aha 💡’ moments at SuperGenius Preschool.



The people who share our dreams, who work hard to achieve our vision, and conscientiously carrying out our mission.



Maestros form the leadership that steers the Team. We are accountable for programme delivery, customer satisfaction, and staff development.

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Catalysts are Teachers that inspire the Supergenius. We play an important role of guiding and nurturing the growth of all children under our care. We consistently observe and listen to every child and ensure that the needs of all children are met.

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Chief Teacher

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