The SuperGenius Profile



We are mentally and physically agile. We stay healthy in order to stretch our mental capacities fully, push ourselves to think creatively, and adapt to new situations innovatively.



We are mindful and stay true to ourselves. We own our speech and actions and take responsibility for them.



We pursue our learning endeavours with joy, passion and purpose. We are relaxed and alert when we enjoy what we do, and that is the optimum mental state for learning to take place.



We learn to stand up after each fall and believe that each misstep is a leap towards success. We remain true to our aspiration and always keep the faith.



We engage our innate curiosity to construct our own knowledge, make sense of the environment and connect with the world.



We take care of ourselves and care about the people, environment and things around us, appreciate and preserve the diversity of the world.



We engage in reflective inquiry with the support of peers, parents and teachers to become conscious and responsible global citizens.



We express gratitude and respect towards our parents and the community and pursue meaningful ways to contribute as responsible global citizens.

6 Programme Areas

The SuperGenius Curriculum comprises six trans-domain programme areas:


SuperGenius Moves

Cognitive development is closely interrelated with motor skills development, and the SuperGenius develops motor skills holistically through different forms of physical activities and hand-eye coordination exercises.

It is through the SuperGenius Moves programme that we strengthen the child’s foundation for lifelong learning. The programme is about developing motor skills and knowledge of one’s own body and capabilities to guide the child in exploring the world. The child first learns by playing and then by performing purposeful work. The SuperGenius Moves Programme covers the following:

  • Fundamental Movement Skills

  • Development of the Large and Small Motor Muscles

  • Health and Nutrition

  • Safety


Languages & Theatre

Through music, drama, dance and poetry, the SuperGenius learns to appreciate diversity and understand cultures. Through artistic performances, the SuperGenius discovers the value of effort, practice and hard work that is essential to achieve success in life.

As languages are the means to communicate and express, we believe that it imperative for the child to develop a strong foundation in their Literacy Development. The SuperGenius will learn to express and artfully showcase their thoughts and ideas through our SuperGenius Languages and Theatre Programme (English and Chinese) that focuses on:

  • Development of Reading, Writing, Listening and Understanding Skills

  • Development of Language Expression through Performing Arts: Music, Drama and Dance



The SuperGenius cultivates self-awareness and independence. They learn about the value of self-care, as well as care for the people and environment around them through the programme activities and experiences.

Guiding the child to develop by themself is an important part of our Well-being Programme. We believe that for any child to be a SuperGenius, the child must love themself, recognise their capabilities, and learn to care for others around them. By doing so, the child will start the journey of life on a positive foot, be resilient and able to overcome challenges. The Well-Being Programme focuses on:

  • Developing the Self

  • Developing Independence

  • Developing Social Skills



The world of the Arts is intricately interwoven with Science, and through these weaves the SuperGenius discovers the world. The SuperGenius experiments and creates visual, auditory and kinaesthetic artefacts that express their imagination and ideas using multiple sensory materials and technologies.

We believe that how the five senses are guided will enable the SuperGenius to learn how to love, respect and appreciate the Environment and how Form follows Function. The ArtScience Programme aims at teaching the child beyond the basic Math and Science content knowledge and Art and Craft skills; it fuses all these domains for every lesson and encourages the child to innovate and create. The ArtScience Programme focuses on:

  • Math and Science through Visual Arts: Drawing, Painting, Craftwork

  • Creativity and Innovation


Environmental Sustainability

The SuperGenius knows that the world we live in is borrowed from our children. By understanding how environmental systems function and learning ways to take care of the environment, the SuperGenius can protect the world for future generations.

Dealing with environmental problems is not sufficient to achieve Environmental Sustainability. At SuperGenius, we believe that Environmental Sustainability begins with ourselves. When we are mindful of the actions we take and the environmental impact of these actions, we can then make green decisions to protect the environment. The Environmental Sustainability Programme at SuperGenius aims at guiding the child in being more aware of one’s actions and to appreciate the nature around him. It covers 2 key areas of:

  • Sustaining the Living Environment

  • Protecting the Natural Environment


Emergent Experiences

The SuperGenius constructs new knowledge by building upon current knowledge and experiences. The SuperGenius Inspirers observe, listen and interact with the SuperGenius and engage them in projects and play that will ignite their interests and inquisitiveness.

We believe that the child should own their learning journey, and we empower the SuperGenius to be inquisitive and reflective. Together, we embark to experiment and research to discover answers to the questions being asked. The child would learn skills on how to ask critical questions, and to recognise that when there is no ready answer, it signals an opportunity for them to research further. The SuperGenius Emergent Experiences Programme focuses on the following six inquiry units:

  • About Us

  • Now and Then

  • Ways of Communication

  • Science and Technology

  • Human Systems

  • Global Citizens

 Learning Environment

The SuperGenius Learning Environment is agile and harmonious with the world. We have carefully chosen safe, effective and natural materials all around the school to give the SuperGenius a learning environment that is free of prejudice and danger.

The Environment is carefully designed to allow the SuperGenius the chance to explore, wander and discover the world and the environment around them. The SuperGenius has a sense of ownership of the environment through areas that will be personalised to each of them.