Curriculum Approach

Inspire every Child to be a SuperGenius

The SuperGenius curriculum aims to superbly engage the SuperGenius through transdisciplinary multisensory experiences, ignite their multiple intelligences and guide their understanding of the world to inspire the SuperGenius in every child.

SuperGenius Preschool provides engaging trans-domain experiences that are based on real-world context in a safe environment that promotes free inquiry. Inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach, the school offers the Environment to nurture children’s passion to learn. The Teachers and Parents will work hand-in-hand to ignite their multiple intelligences and guide them to make sense of their knowledge of the world.


Teaching Philosophy

The SuperGenius Inspirer is a Collaborator and Co-learner and serves as a Catalyst and Mentor. The Inspirer respects and nurtures the SuperGenius to be a responsible global citizen. The Inspirer invokes the Supergenius’ desire to learn, question and explore through teacher- and child-directed learning experiences.

Learning Philosophy

The SuperGenius possess strength, competence and potential, they develop their intelligences readily. The SuperGenius actively constructs new knowledge through interactions with peers, adults and the environment, and communicates confidently and effectively with them.


Learning Stages


Each infant is unique, with their own developing and changing needs, preferences and routines. It is our goal to ensure that we support the development of an authentic child who feels secure, autonomous, competent and connected.

Curriculum Focus

Physical development, social–emotional development, language development, self-exploration, and build trust and attachment between Infant and Educarer



Our Toddlers will use their five senses to actively explore the world around them.

Our inquisitive and active toddlers will learn through various interactions through warm and responsive environments and relationships with their teachers and friends.

Curriculum Focus

Physical development, independence and autonomy development, language development, social–emotional development, self and environment exploration


Nursery 1 (N1)

Nursery 1 children are more actively engaged in group activities during play time and can accomplish small tasks by themselves. They begin to understand more content, skills and concepts.

Curriculum Focus

Physical development, healthy self-image development, independence development, language development, communication skills development and acquire simple problem-solving skills


Nursery 2 (N2)

Nursery 2 children have increased self-confidence and will continue to flourish as they socialise and solve problems through daily interactions. They have better abilities to understand concepts and themes and can engage in meaningful conversations about various topics.

Curriculum Focus

Large and fine motor skills development, self esteem development, language and literacy development, social skills development, art and music appreciation, improve autonomy, improve communication skills, improve emotion regulation, grasp basic mathematical concepts, and introduction to social responsibility


Kindergarten 1 (K1)

Kindergarten 1 children are at the stage where they can think expansively and with consideration for others and the environment. The children are constantly building on their academic skills, character and positive mindset.

Curriculum Focus

Advanced large and small muscles and motor skills development, independence and self-discipline development, values development, stimulate the inquisitive mind, enhance art, music and drama knowledge and skills, improve languages, literacy and mathematical skills, acquire knowledge about the world and its resources, and introduction to being a responsible global citizen


Kindergarten 2 (K2)

The Kindergarten 2 children will have built a foundation for social relationships and all academic disciplines by learning essential skills that will help them when they make the transition to Primary school. With increased social competence, confidence and emotional maturity, children will continue to work collaboratively in projects.

Curriculum Focus

Advanced large and small muscle and motor skills development, will power and self-discipline development, improve decision-making skills, enhance creative writing skills, enhance mathematical and scientific skills, gain music and theatre performance skills, advocate for a sustainable environment, and prepare for Primary 1